Are you tired of feeling lost in crowded yoga classes, craving personalised attention and a supportive environment? Or maybe you're seeking to enhance your mobility, flexibility, and overall well-being but unsure where to start?

Introducing our Semi-Private Yoga Classess—a sanctuary where you can cultivate inner peace, strength, and self-awareness, all within an intimate setting tailored to your needs.

Discover the Difference

Semi Private

With a maximum of just six participants per session, you'll receive individualised guidance from our experienced instructors,
ensuring you feel seen and supported every step of the way.

Muscle Engagement

Yoga emphasises proper alignment and muscle engagement in each pose. This not only helps prevent injury but also ensures that you're effectively targeting and strengthening the muscles involved. Many yoga poses challenge your balance and stability, which requires strength in your core and supporting muscles. By practicing balance poses regularly, you can improve your overall stability and strengthen muscles that are often neglected in traditional strength training routines.

Who Can Benefit


 Whether you're stepping onto the mat for the first time or seeking a gentle introduction to yoga, our semi-private sessions provide a welcoming space to explore and learn at your own pace.


Ready to take your practice to the next level? Our course offers the perfect blend of challenge and support, helping you refine your techniques and deepen your understanding of yoga.

Stress-Relief Seekers:

Stress-Relief Seekers: Take a break from the chaos of everyday life and immerse yourself in a sanctuary of tranquility and relaxation. Our yoga classes offer a respite from stress, promoting mental clarity and emotional well-being.

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Monday 9.30am and 5.30pm
Wednesday 6.00pm
Thursday 9.30am

Don't wait any longer to prioritise your health and happiness. Join us at our Semi-Private Yoga Course and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation unlike any other.

Taster Session £15.00

Join us for a Yoga Taster Session and discover the joys of semi-private yoga!  Experience the benefits of tailored guidance and improved techniques.

Yoga six-class pass £90.00

Six semi private yoga sessions with a maximum of six people. This allows more personalised attention than a standard group class but is more affordable than private one-on-one sessions. These classes cater to various levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, and focus on improving technique, flexibility, strength, and overall well-being.

Globe Works Direct Debit Membership £60.00

With your Globe works direct debit membership in place, you can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of having your yoga slot secured each week. Use this consistency to deepen your practice and reap the benefits of regular yoga sessions.

Success Stories

Attending yoga weekly has helped with my body confidence and mental health

"I was introduced to yoga through a 6 week beginners course with Fiona at Globe Works, and at the beginning I wasn’t expecting much from it but did want to give it a go. Since starting I was not expecting a yoga session to feel like a gym workout and I always feel like I have accomplished something at the end of each class.

I have been attending for about 10 weeks now and have noticed long term pain relief in my back. 3 failed epidurals during the birth of my twins left me with a pins and needles sensation in my shoulders and thighs, and was told this will be something I need to get use to, however, I haven’t experienced that uncomfortable feeling over the past few weeks.

Overall, attending yoga weekly has helped with my body confidence and mental health. If I was to stop going it would have a noticeable effect on me, I do intend on continuing with yoga and having yoga as part of my new journey going forwards.

Katie /

At 46 I am very fit, high energy and have never been happier

I've been training with Danny for over 12 years. Before I started I was over 16 stone with arthritic knees, wasted thigh muscles, and often had to use a stick. I was also depressed and unmotivated to change. Danny's kind and motivational manner, and his strict attention to form ensured I got the best from each exercise without risking injury, and helped turn me into the strong and fit person I am today. He also gave excellent dietary advice. In time, I went from hating every moment of exercise to enjoying it and all the many benefits. Today, at 46 I am very fit, high energy and have never been happier. I also now love my sessions with the assistant trainers under him who he has trained to have the same manner and attention to detail he has. I can't recommend him and his team highly enough.

Richard / 46 Business Owner

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